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What is Hays Thrive?

Hays Thrive is an online training portal designed to help employers and their teams grow the skills they need to function effectively and thrive, regardless of the challenges they face.

We know that many organisations are facing a period of unprecedented change, and will have to get used to new and unexpected ways of working. By offering, and continually updating, vital training courses we hope to help organisations adapt and support their workers and customers in the new era of work following the coronavirus outbreak.

Our free courses are designed to help workers adapt to whatever their new challenges are. These training packages aim to improve worker efficiency and help prepare workers adapt to a hybrid way of working, split between remote and on-site working. They also prioritise wellbeing, with dedicated courses designed to help teams manage their stress and improve their resilience. We also offer a number of health and safety courses, designed to inform and educate your staff on hygiene practices and techniques to keep their working space safe.

Our premium training takes staff development to the next level, and recognises that no two organisations are the same. When you choose a premium package, we’ll help you build a bespoke training programme of 20 courses from a library of tens of thousands of training options. Whatever your goals, challenges or targets are, we’ll build staff training to meet them.

Hays Thrive is the result of a partnership between Hays Learning and Go1, established experts in online training and education.

About Hays

Beginning life in 1968 with just a handful of employees, Hays has over 7,800 recruiting specialists, including 1,800 in the UK. We work across 250 offices worldwide, of which 92 are in the UK, to help organisations and professionals to develop and grow.

Our expertise lies in being able to source skilled and qualified professionals, our unparalleled ability to engage with an extensive network of talent, and our capability to match this to our clients’ specific requirements.

Working across over 22 different industries and professions, we recruit for permanent and temporary roles for organisations of all sizes in the private, public and not-for-profit sectors.

About Go1

Go1 are experts in developing cloud-based software to train staff and customers. Their passion for learning and education, coupled with the technological expertise to create online training portals makes them the perfect partner to deliver Hays Thrive.